Ritu Verma

Instafood’s Kaju curry is a true delight for my taste buds. As a vegetarian, finding a flavorful curry can be challenging, but instafood’s Kaju curry ticks all the boxes. The creamy gravy and the richness of cashews make it an absolute winner. Thank you, instafood, for bringing restaurant-quality curry to my home!

Karan Mehta

Instafood’s Poha has become my go-to option for a quick and wholesome breakfast. The flavors are just right, and it saves me so much time in the morning rush. I can enjoy a delicious and authentic Poha without compromising on taste or quality. Highly recommended!

Sunita Desai

Instafood’s Rava shira is a game-changer for my breakfast routine. It’s the perfect way to start my day with a delicious and soulful treat. The convenience and taste of instafood’s Rava shira are unmatched. It truly feels like a warm hug on a busy morning.

Rajesh Patel

Being a food lover, instafood’s dal bhat has impressed me beyond words. The aroma and taste take me back to my grandmother’s kitchen. With instafood, I can enjoy a satisfying and authentic dal bhat meal whenever I want, without compromising on quality or taste.

Neha Sharma

Instafood’s dal dhokli is a blessing for my busy schedule. As a working professional, I don’t always have time to prepare traditional dishes. But instafood’s dal dhokli tastes just like my mom’s homemade version. It’s my go-to comfort food, ready in a jiffy!