Try These 5 Indian Dishes For A Wonderful Food Experience

India is a gastronomic paradise that offers a diverse range of delicious and flavorful dishes. From spicy curries to sweet desserts, Indian cuisine is a feast for the senses. Indian people take great pride in their culinary traditions and are known for their expertise in creating delicious food. Whether you're a spice lover or someone who enjoys mild flavors, Indian cuisine has something for everyone. It's a perfect choice for foodies who want to explore new dishes and flavors. With its rich history and cultural diversity, Indian food has a unique identity that sets it apart from other cuisines. Indian cuisine has gained worldwide recognition for its diversity and richness in flavour. The unique blend of spices, herbs, and ingredients in Indian dishes has made it a favourite among food enthusiasts worldwide. India has a rich cultural heritage, and every region has its traditional cuisine. The North Indian cuisine is known for its heavy use of dairy products, meat, and spices, while the South Indian cuisine is known for its use of rice, coconut, and seafood. Indian cuisine has also influenced several international cuisines, including American and European cuisine. The popularity of Indian cuisine has led to the establishment of Indian restaurants worldwide, making it easily accessible to people who want to experience the magic of Indian spices and flavours. Looking to indulge in some delicious Indian cuisine but not sure where to start? Look no further! We have compiled a list of must-try Indian dishes for you to explore and enjoy. Learn all about these beloved Indian delicacies in this blog.


Poha is a must-try breakfast food when in India. Originating from Maharashtra, 'Kanda batata poha' is a famous and loved Indian breakfast. This simple yet interesting dish is made of rice, onions, peanuts, and Indian spices. Poha is a perfect balance of simplicity and flavor, making it a go-to breakfast option in India.

2.Kadhi And Rice 

Kadhi & rice is a famous and loved Indian dish, originating from Gujarat. Gujarati kadhi is a thick, yogurt-based food made with gram flour and a combination of Indian herbs and spices, and is served with plain jeera rice to enhance the flavor. This tangy and slightly sweet dish is a must-try for anyone looking to satisfy their Gujarati food cravings.


Rajma gravy, originally brought from the Portuguese to Punjab, is a tomato-based curry made with a variety of Indian spices such as ginger, garlic, and red chillies. If you're craving something spicy and non-creamy, Rajma is the perfect choice. Rajma Chawal, the combination of Rajma and steamed rice, is a match made in heaven. The dish is spiced up with Indian spices, making it a signature mark of the dish. Rajma Chawal is a popular comfort food among Indians and a must-try dish for anyone who loves a good Indian curry.

4.Kaju Curry 

Kaju curry is a creamy Indian dish that provides a comforting feeling with every bite. Originating from northern India, it has become popular all over the world and is often a great vegetarian alternative to chicken curry. The curry has a mild spice level and is made with a lot of creamy textures and cashews, which give it a rich, nutty flavor.
  • Moong Dal Halwa

Indian cuisine boasts a wide range of sweet dishes, with more than 70+ variations from different regions. One such delightful dish is the Moong Dal Halwa, made with moong lentils, sugar, lots of nuts, and ghee. This dessert is perfect for those looking to expand their collection of Indian sweets. Indulge your taste buds with the rich, nutty flavor and heavenly sweetness of Moong Dal Halwa. Preparing authentic Indian food requires a lot of time, patience, and expertise in Indian spices. In today's fast-paced world, not everyone has the luxury of time or the knowledge to cook Indian dishes from scratch. We have a solution for those who want to enjoy homemade Indian food but lack the time and skills. Introducing Instafood - a ready-to-cook instant Indian food packet that provides the same taste as homemade food in just 10 minutes. This innovative product offers the convenience of quick preparation with the authentic taste of Indian spices. Say goodbye to the hassle of cooking and enjoy delicious Indian food anytime, anywhere with Instafood. Explore Instafood’s Indian food variety options for a great Indian food experience now!

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